Good Friday Rant

I found the perfect writing prompt for a Friday night:“Write something really, really mean and blunt. And true.”

I am exhausted as hell and as usual it is people who have made me that way. I just do not suffer fools well, and I have run into a lot of them this week.

I work in a female-dominated field. By and large many of the women I work with are nice. But there are a couple who are real bitches. One of them, a youngster compared to me, told me today in a meeting that I made them ill. The other women just grinned.

Now if I had said such a thing, the women would have just gone berserk. I do not understand why women in the workplace feel they can get away with saying such things and not expect retaliation.

Maybe it’s her youth. I do know that some of the young adults I meet are full of self entitlement. Once I was busy using a public stapler when a series of 18-20 somethings came up and literally grabbed the thing from under my nose-one by one. I finally blasted this girl when I had had enough.

As a teacher I occasionally have to deal with some real morons. They add to their lazy thinking slovenly actions as well. The bottom line is they expect me to do the work for them and I refuse. These poop heads don’t take kindly to being called out on their behavior either–something I am NOT reluctant to do.

Tonight I was sitting in a public building on my campus when a student approached me about a product he was shilling. Now I knew our school had rules against soliciting, but this pea-brain didn’t give a damn.

When he dumped his crap on me I told him I wasn’t interested. But when he began to harass other students I looked up school policy and gave him a piece of my mind. Again, just a grin.

The only thing that I can go to bed on tonight is that there is a Savior. He came to save both me and the sin-sick folks I have encountered this week from our messes.

Thank God!


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