Will she come running?

I have watched a lot of classic movies lately, and if there is one thing this genre has down, it’s the way men treated women back in the mid-20th century. The men were rough with their women, and the ladies seemed to like it.

The most poignant example to me is the relationship between Army veteran and author Dave Hirsh (Frank Sinatra) and school teacher Gwen French (Martha Hyer) in the film “Some Came Running.”.  Dave is rough around the edges and Gwen is sophisticated, the daughter of a professor. However, she admires Dave’s writing.

Dave wastes no time hitting on Gwen. She knows how to handle him, rejecting his sexual advances, yet keeping him around because of her interest in his talent.

Dave is undaunted, however. One night he is at Gwen’s home and he kisses her and loosens her hair. She leaves his embrace and walks away. Then, Gwen comes back, with an almost lustful look on her face, and kisses Dave passionately. She finally has succumbed to the ongoing pursuit from Dave.

Gwen seems to be like a lot of women, and I guess men, too (including yours truly). She is confused when it comes to how she feels about Dave.

Eventually she tells him that she doesn’t like his attitude, his lifestyle and his friends and tells him to get lost.  She knows she is drawn to Dave, and tells him so, but her mind overcomes her emotions.

He is nonplussed over her rejection. Welcome to the male species Dave. None of us understand women.

Still,  in comparison  Dave makes the current man seem like a feminized wimp. It’s not exactly news that modern male has no idea how to deal with women.

The radical feminist movement seems to have gotten what it wanted: the neutered male. One acquaintance told me that he believes men have given up on women. They’re too much work, he says, and they would prefer just to satisfy their sexual urges with porn.

I recently had a conversation with another friend in which we discussed male/female relationships. I commented to him that I see a lot of women growing older and older and not married. (They used to be called “old maids” or “spinsters,”) My friend replied that he was seeing more and more women in their 50s finally talking about getting married.  Too bad and too late ladies, because the men your age have the hots for girls who could be their daughters.

My friend and I both agreed that men today are women. I suppose I have to include myself in that, and I told my friend so, given the state of my romantic life. I told him that I really did not get good training on how to relate to females.

If I ever get another chance, I am going to act like a man instead of a jellyfish and be the leader in the relationship with the woman I am interested in. I’m going to keep going after her until she tells me to get lost for good and I can tell she really means it, and even then I may still go after her.

No, I am not going to do anything stupid like hit her or something of that nature. That’s totally disrespectful. But I WILL be the man in the relationship. If she is at heart a female, I believe she will appreciate it.


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