May-December romance

It’s May. Just in time for a May-December romance. I was inspired this morning by the classic film “Love in the Afternoon,” the story of a dalliance between the young Ariane Chavasse (played by the beautiful Audrey Hepburn) and graying tycoon Frank Flannagan (Gary Cooper).

Mr. Flannagan (as Ariane calls him) is an American playboy who goes from woman to woman. He has absolutely no interest in anything but a fling. On the other hand, the Parisian Ariane falls in love with him immediately, but she is coy about it.

She makes Flannagan believe she also is someone who doesn’t want to make a commitment. Ariane is so good at it that he doesn’t even learn her name until the end of the movie. She also convinces him that she has had numerous lovers, although Flannagan is her first.

This charade goes on until the final scene. Flannagan hops a train to the Riviera while Ariane runs alongside him, telling Frank of all the plans she has to connect with her lovers. But it is obvious she doesn’t mean it. Ariane¬† can barely hold back the tears.

In the end, Flannagan lifts her onto the train, takes her in his arms, and tells her to be quiet. Ariane melts. We learn in a narration by her father that the two are married and living in New York.

Speaking of melting, my life pretty much is spilling all over the pavement at the moment. I am now unemployed. This means that I may have to leave my current town to find work. If this occurs, I can say goodbye to my dream of my own May-December romance. The girl of my fantasies, a young lady half my age, lives and works here.

I am half tempted to stay in town and do menial labor to be near her. Yet, she doesn’t even know of my interest, nor do I believe she even is aware I am married, albeit estranged for some time from my wife.

Anything can happen, but I think I am truly living in a dream world if I believe I have any hope of making a life with this woman. Stranger things have happened I guess.


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