A dim view of gender relations from a dimwit in the field

For the record, I am not a misogynist.

But I am a student of the human condition, and  today I am flustered by the state of relations between men and women. I’m not even thinking that much of the cause of the collapse of male/female connections, although when I do  I tend to blame RADICAL feminism. I stress the term “radical” inasmuch as I do consider myself a feminist (some of the women I know would be laughing at those last words). I have daughters, and I am very much in favor of them achieving great things in this world.

I suppose what got me thinking of the gender gap is the media I have exposed myself to today. In one interview on cable news I watched as the female host sarcastically said to her older male guest that she would let him go now so he could deal with his anger issues.

I thought this to be very unfair of her because they had been discussing politics, always a topic where the participants bring heat. She had in the guise of using a conditional clause strongly inferred that the politician they were discussing was a sexual predator.

The guest took issue with this in strong terms, and told the host that she was obsessed with sex on her program instead of the political issues. The male in this boxing match was an experienced pol, the woman a media darling (although to be fair she had been a lawyer at one point).

To me, if women want true equality they need to stop accusing men of anger issues when the latter disagree with them on a topic and express their objections in passionate terms. There is a double standard at work when women are allowed to be strongly emotional on a topic (e.g, angry) and the man is labeled a hothead by her when he comments with feeling.

After watching this interview  I went to a special showing of the 1980 film “The Shining’, mainly because it is one of Jack Nicholson’s most famous roles and I had never seen the film. I am  big fan! Big fan.

I also have gotten a bit interested in the horror genre, a real break from my former evangelical past which frowned on such flicks. I find a lot of these films to have quite good stories with relevant themes and good acting. Personally, I also think some of them are humorous.

“The Shining” was not funny by any means, even though Nicholson twisted his face into his landmark expressions. I was not laughing at his portrayal of a workaholic husband who cared more for his writing than his wife and kid. It hit too close to home.

While he is writing his wife interrupts him just to say hello and see how he is doing, he berates her for doing so in a profanity laced tirade. Even though she tries to convince him that their son needs serious medical attention, ole Jack refuses to leave the remote hotel they are staying in for the winter to see to the boys health.

Of course, in addition to being your normal male boor, he also goes berserk and tries to kill them. That’s taking misandry a bit too far if you ask me. I don’t know how other men felt watching “The Shining”, but I wanted to put a bag over my head right then and there in the theater. Of course, it’s just fiction, right girls.

My concerns about the shape of relations between men and women is not just sculpted by the mindless drivel I allowed into my brain today. it is also influenced by academic studies and my own personal experience.

The latter is not objective of course, and to be honest I am a failure when it comes to dealing with the ladies. But I don’t think  I am the only one.




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